Hand Made Clay Tiles

Made in a variety of naturally coloured clays and sizes. Handmade clay tiles can be decorated using roulettes and plaster stamps, or sponges with coloured clay slips and stencils in a random way, to produce a range of pattern, textures and colours.

Mould with hand made clay tiles at different stages of making.

These hand made wall tiles are slowly dried out over several weeks to prevent cracking. The size shrinks as they dry so sizes are approximate only. Max. practical size is 6″. The  ceramic tiles are fired for the first time then  they can be further decorated with cuerda seca and /or glaze as wanted and refired, or simply treated with a tile sealant for a matt finish.

As low-fired earthenware they are best used on internal walls in the U.K. With these handmade tiles  the emphasis is on the qualities of hand making to produce variety in texture pattern and colour. No two of these hand made tiles will be the same and characteristics will further vary from bath to batch, so please order enough at any one time for the whole job!

Click on images for a larger view

Click on images for a larger view