Tile Prices

Each project can vary wildly in the amount of research and drawing, or making needed, so I price for each job, but for the majority the following will give you a general idea.

Your individual design and research work is normally included in this tile price -within reason!   It is charged for only if the project is cancelled.
Occasionally an extra charge may be need to be agreed to cover extra costs, or time for numbers of further drawings and research beyond the initial package covered.

Price reflects the amount of work needed so for example a panel using  multiple layered glazes costs more; it can include up to 30 glazes – each individual glaze has to be weighed,  made up, and then applied- It takes time!



Tile Prices for bespoke tiles

These prices are a guideline based on current bisque tile, utility and materials costs. Bisque prices will be checked before ordering and prices confirmed.

Prices for:

  • 4″-          103mm sq. x 6mm thick.
  • 6″ –         153mm sq. x 6mm thick- most useful size for decoration.
  • 6″ x 3″-   152mm x 76cm x 9mm thick
  • 8″ x 4″-  198mm  x 98mm x 7mm thick. [ stock not always available].
‘Multiple glaze’ decorated in layers. £20 -30
Decorated £18
Semi-decorated £9.50
Plain glazed* £2.50
Plain (crackle) glazed* £2.90
Tubelined technique [ requires an extra firing]. +£2 on above
Additional costs per tile – as required
Cut glazed tiles, or strips, per cut + £0.60
Cutting corners on tile (4) per tile + £2.90
Rustic cut corners per tile + £1.00
*purple, orange, deep pink +£1 (cost of colour)

Handmade Clay Tiles.  Prices for bespoke tiles

( NB. Sizes for handmade clay tiles are approximate only)

Borders depending on size £6- £9.00
6″- 150mm £25.00
5½” Agate ware £28.00
5″ -125mm £19.00
4″ -100mm £15.00
3″ – 3½” 80-90mm £9.00
2″- 50mm £2.00
1″- 25mm £0.90
6″ 150mm £18.50
5″ 125mm £17.00
4″ 100mm £14.00
3″ – 3½” 80-90mm £6.00
2″ 50mm £1.50
1″ 25mm £0.70

No vat is chargeable.
All post/ carriage and packing extra at cost.