Handmade Tiles info

Bespoke- designed to order.

I design and produce distinctive unique, often colourful, figurative and abstract handmade tiles, hand decorated tiles and tile panels for public and private interior walls.

Grass design on rectangular tiles

Abstract ‘Grass’ design, 6″ x 3″tiles.Try turned horizontal.

You won’t find my tiles in tile shops, or DIY stores; they are not a quick fix and are not mass produced, neither are they instant art, or a standard range.

This is a chance to commission something new within an ancient tradition from an experienced and skilled tile maker with a national reputation.

The emphasis is on good drawing and composition, from a small tile panel to larger tile projects to suit you and the particular interior. I enjoy working with the client to produce original designs that are bold, or subtle depending on what you want, using abroad range of subjects:

  • Figurative / abstract / plain tiles
  • Contemporary / minimal tiles
  • Traditional / historic tiles
  • Using a variety of decorating techniques


Wilton dressage horses aga tile panel

Pewter coloured tin glazed tiles for an Aga recess.- Historic dressage horses.

I make different types of wall tiles. All sorts of things are possible, large or small; from small tile panels to a wall of tiles. Bespoke hand made tiles and hand decorated tiles, tile panels, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, swimming pool surrounds, jacuzzi surrounds, wet room tiles, splash backs, dado tiles, shower tiles, commemorative panels, border tiles.

Why not have a look at some of my WORK IN PROGRESS .

Hand Decorated Wall Tiles

Traditional blue and white animal tiles

Single blue and white tin glaze ‘wild life’ tiles with a border.

For most of the drawn tile projects I use as a base unglazed standard British dust pressed earthenware tiles.

These are an ideal canvas for my fluid drawing style and glazes. Using these tiles speeds up the process and helps to ensure an accurate final fit. They can be used for entire walls, as single tiles, or ceramic tile panels set in with other manufacturer’s plain ceramic tiles, stone, or glass. These ceramic wall tiles are fired at 1000 – 1050 degrees centigrade –  so are suitable only for internal use in the UK
. Tiles can be cut as part of the design to fit non standard spaces.


Luminous vibrant coloured glazes through to classic traditional blue and whites, or quieter much more subtle tones. You can choose the colours and glazes you like 
from the selection I have developed and tested over time. (N.B. Colours on screen, or printed vary – do not use for accurate colour match! I will send you small samples of what you like to choose from.)

Glaze colour testsA batch of alkali crackle glaze tests on the work bench.

 Standard sizes

I use several sizes of unglazed tile to work on:

  • 153mm. sq. [6″ sq]. x  6mm. [1/4″] thick  (This is the most useful and practical size).
  • 99mm sq. [ 3  7/8″ sq]. x  6mm [1/4″] thick (For simple or plain tiles only!
  • ‘Brick’ shaped tiles, sizes – eg. 153mm.  x  76mm.  [3″ x 6″] ,  or 203mm. x 102mm. [4″ x 8″] . (Best for plain colours only.
  • Allow for recommended spacing between tiles of approx  3mm.  [1/8″].

Please see the TILE PRICES PAGE for more information about prices and the ORDERING TILES PAGE for more information about ordering.

Handmade clay wall tiles

These handmade tiles can be made in clays of different colours in a variety of sizes and can be used to create a softer effect than standard tiles with a variation from tile to tile which enhances their organic quality. [See more on techniques pages].

Use for a focal point, a splash back, or border with other tiles. Please be patient, they can be beautiful, but hand making clay tiles is definitely part of the ‘SLOW’ movement – they can’t be hurried, or they will crack! Maximum physically practical size for these clay tiles usually 6″. 153mm sq.

Handmade clay tiles cut surface

Decorative small handmade ‘wavy’ tiles.

N.B. All these wall tiles are relatively low fired earthenware which enables me to produce the colours I do, but it also means they are not frost proof!

It is well worth visiting the studio to see the real thing. -Individual pieces of work can be seen and bought at the studio which is open most non holiday week days 10.30-4.30p.m. Please phone to check I’m in!