Terms and conditions of trade

  1. Before studio work commences the following are required-
    • Confirmation of order in writing on paper, not email, – this assumes acceptance of these terms.
    • A minimum deposit of one third of the total estimated cost.
  2. The cost of initial drawings is included in the tile price. However as customers will appreciate these drawings take a considerable amount of time to draw up so if the tile order is not carried through or cancelled, they will be charged for at standard rates to cover the cost of production.
  3. Any special new extra glaze / colour or clay research required for the project will be charged for.
  4. Sample tiles are charged for at estimated rate for tiles unless returned, or agreed otherwise.  Standard colour samples, if not returned will be charged for at £ 20 per board.
  5. Site visits are not normally necessary and  are extra at agreed rate.
  6. Drawings and designs remain the property and copyright of the designer
  7. Orders from retail outlets C.O.D. only. Companies and businesses – 1/3 deposit payment + 1/3 at halfway point in production. C.O.D of final payment at delivery. Other invoices payable within 14 days. After that period a credit charge of … 2% per month over base wiII be charged on all outstanding accounts.
  8. All Packing, postage and delivery are additional, charged at actual cost
  9. VAT not chargeable

NB. This work is hand not machine made. Despite my best efforts finish and colour can vary …

To ensure consistency please order enough to complete your project in one order.