Handmade Kitchen Tiles

Handmade kitchen tiles can range from a few quiet simple traditional blue and white tiles set into a ground of plain tiles, to a major focal point like the ‘De Morgan’ style kitchen recess of handmade tiles below, with a fully decorated central panel tile mosaic border and plain tiles glazed to order.
I can design and make all sorts of handmade tiles- a simple border, scattered single tiles, an entire wall of tiles to an inset panel of decorated, or handmade clay tiles or tile mosaic.
Each of these projects was bespoke, designed specifically to suit the customers tastes and their kitchen.

Click on images for a larger view

Click on images for a larger view
The options are endless!
The flying heron is an inexpensive 6 hand decorated tile panel.
There are fish tiles for a sea setting, runner duck tiles and vegetable tiles for a rural one.
Hand decorated plain tiles for an artizan feel, swan tiles for a bird lover
Framed tile panels-The family crest and the still life make good kitchen tiles,
they can move when you do, and handmade tiles also make good presents!